Is your child falling behind in primary school maths?

No, it’s NOT the lack of practice.

It’s not because tuition is ineffective.

It’s also not about talent or IQ levels.

In fact, smart maths students might not even score well in tests!

The #1 reason why kids fall behind in maths is because…

Most parents are not tracking their child’s progress in school!

So they aren’t 100% sure how their child is doing, or if they are even prepared for exams.

And it’s causing stress, panic and confusion among many mummies and daddies:

  • Spending a ton of money on assessment books and tuition with no results
  • Going after friends, family and support groups for help (but hardly anyone knows what’s best)
  • Sacrificing careers so they can spend more time teaching their children

Of course, tracking progress in maths is not something new.

There are report books, meet-the-parent sessions and helpful tutors giving advice.

But these give you only high-level reviews, instead of the deep analysis needed to target specific problems.

For example:

Imagine your daughter or son is in Primary 4 now. And a parent asks which part of fractions is your child having trouble with. 

What would you say?

Maybe you can list down the general topic, like Fractions. 

But you might struggle to say which specific part of Fractions your child is weak in. 

So if your child is weak in the Fractions skill “Expressing improper fractions in its simplest form”, you wouldn’t know.

And not filling this gap is going to cost your child precious marks in the exams.

That’s why in KooBits, we use powerful tracking tools to pinpoint wobbly concepts at a glance.

With KooBits proficiency reports, it can help even the most clueless parent see with extreme clarity on their child’s performance.

Join KooBits 7-day trial today and see your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

It’s FREE and you can cancel at any time:

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It can also give a microscopic level of analysis – a feat no human tutor can give, without using complex Excel sheets and hours of dedicated tracking.

And it’s possibly the most effective way for parents to help their child jump 1 or even 2 grades with ease.

Treat our tracking tools like a GPS, guiding your child the fastest way to reach the top of the class.

With assessment books, there is no clear way of knowing your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

You’d have to spend time and energy to manually track your child’s answers to draw up a progress report.

But in KooBits, there’s a shortcut. 

KooBits can tell you exactly which topic and skill your child is weak in.

Simply have your child practise questions for a few days and get new insights by the end of the week:

Join 7-day FREE trial

The more your child practises on KooBits, the more data you have on their performance.

Here’s an example of a user:

Let’s see what we know about this Primary 1 student:

  • Mastered “Number notation, representation and place value”
  • Is strong in “Reading and writing numbers in words”

Great! He or she can spend less time on these skills. Moving on…

  • Needs more attention on 3x number topics
  • Can practise more to catch up with other KooBits students

Another set of valuable data.

The parent can now shift the focus towards these topics, making revision more efficient and effective.

Can you see how powerful this is?

This microscopic level of analysis sheds new insights into your child’s performance.

If you can’t wait to see what your child’s abilities truly are, start a free 7-day KooBits trial today.

You might reveal surprising things you didn’t know.

It’s better to find out now, rather than days before exams.

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