Is your child falling behind in primary school maths?

It’s not easy being a parent in Singapore.

They do everything they can to ensure success for their child:

  • Spending a ton of money on assessment books and tuition
  • Going after friends, family and support groups for help (even if hardly anyone knows what’s best)
  • Sacrificing careers so they can spend more time teaching their children

But they still might not know whether their child is falling behind in maths.

Now, it’s not that parents are doing it wrong.

It’s because there is no precise way of tracking the progress of their children!

And this is a BIG problem for parents.

See – when MOE recently announced the number of “challenging questions” in PSLE will be capped at 15% to keep the difficulty level consistent…

How do parents know if their child can solve “challenging questions?”

What if their child is weak in the basics instead?

And…what exactly are “challenging questions?”

These are questions assessment books and tuition can hardly answer.

This is where KooBits’s tracking system comes into play.

Just hear it from Sandy, a happy KooBits parent:

Because of his passion for learning, he didn’t feel daunted or lacking around his friends even though all his friends go for expensive tuition. He jus relies on Koobits to help him in his learning. And he is still going strong at P5. My son shows me his work done in Koobits and I know there have been improvements from your company yearly.

Sandy is able to see clearly how her son performs thanks to the robust progress reports in KooBits.

Join KooBits 7-day trial today and see your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

It’s FREE and you can cancel at any time:

Join KooBits 7-Day FREE trial

The progress reports can help you see with extreme clarity your child’s performance at any one time.

This deep level of analysis is a feat no human tutor can give, without using complex Excel sheets and hours of dedicated tracking.

And it’s possibly the most effective way for parents to help their child jump 1 or even 2 grades with ease in months.

With assessment books, there is no clear way of knowing your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

You’d have to spend time and energy to manually track your child’s answers to draw up a progress report. 

But in KooBits, there’s a shortcut.

KooBits can tell you exactly which topic and skill your child is weak in.

Simply have your child practise questions for a few days and get new insights by the end of the week:

Join 7-day FREE trial

The more your child practises on KooBits, the more data you have on their performance.

Here’s an example of a user:

Let’s see what we know about this student:

  • Mastered “Number notation, representation and place value”
  • Is strong in “Reading and writing numbers in words”

Great! He or she can spend less time on these skills. 

But take a look at the rows in red. Looks like the child needs to…

  • Spend more time with counting to 10,000
  • Read and write numbers in numerals more often
  • Practice using a place value chart

Another set of valuable data. 

The parent of this student can now shift the focus towards these topics, making revision more efficient and effective.

Can you see how powerful this is?

This microscopic level of analysis will give you new insights into your child’s performance.

Assessment books and tutors won’t be able to give you this level of insight.

Best part, you can already see the results after using KooBits for 1 day.

If you want to give it a try, sign up for a FREE 7-day KooBits trial.

Solve our questions, watch the videos and see the tracking reports. Don’t like what you see? 

Cancel within 7 days and you’ll not be charged. To get started, click the button below:


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