3 Way To Get Kids Excited About Science

Science is naturally an interesting subject to most students.

But throw in exams and assessments, their excitement levels plummet.

That’s why KooBits Science puts play into every activity kids do on the platform.

Here’s how to have fun AND learn at the same time (perfect during the school holidays!):

Watch KooClass Videos

Are spiders insects?

Are mushrooms plants?

These are common misconceptions that most students have no answer to.  Some adults might be surprised by them too. Our videos explain these quirky science facts without leaving students bored or confused.

Fun Science Practice Every Day

Practice is not a word students like to hear.

But that’s a different story in KooBits Science. Practicing questions on the platform feels like play because we give out rewards for completion.

We recognise their efforts immediately after each correct answer too. This creates a positive feedback loop which makes students even more motivated to practice.

Read StoryScience and play Brain Games

After a day of hard work, students can relax and enjoy exciting stories and Brain games. Unlike other addictive games, these entertainment options have science concepts baked into them. So students can learn and play at the same time!

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