How to teach primary school science at home

As busy parents ourselves, we know it’s tough to teach primary science at home.

You probably don’t have time to patiently go through every question in your child’s homework.

And to make things worse…

It’s been many years since you last studied primary science, so you might not even know HOW to teach, or WHAT to teach.

That’s perfectly normal.

Many parents have the same problem, that’s why they turn to assessment books for help.

But the problem is, science is a “thinking” subject.

So doing too many assessment books could backfire.

It will encourage students to memorise facts, which will be unreliable once MOE sets tricky questions during exams.

Instead of blindly practising science, a better way is to encourage your child to understand the topic.

Help them to see the “why” of science concepts. Guide them to be interested in the world around them.

When you spot something cool, let your child know and show them why you’re excited about it.

Starting projects, going on field trips or getting tools like microscopes are also excellent ways to spark their curiosity.

But what about science exams in school? 

On top of understanding a topic, your child will also need to master answering techniques. 

This is where KooBits Science can help.

It teaches students how to give what the teacher wants during exams…while nurturing their passion for the subject.

What’s in KooBits Science?

In KooBits Science, there are 100+ videos that help your child clarify misconceptions and learn new keywords.

Here’s a sample:

These bite-sized videos tackle common misunderstandings so kids don’t repeat the mistakes during exams.

When it’s exam season, use KooBits Science to save your time and energy on teaching science at home.

Your child can practise top school worksheets to get a feel of the paper:

These worksheets help your child recall and write the precise keywords teachers are looking for (without having to memorise facts and figures.)

KooBits Science is a great way to boost confidence, and give you assurance over your child’s performance in school.

If you don’t have time to teach science at home, join KooBits Science today.

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