These Super-Mums Got Their Kids To Ace Math, With Just 20 Min Practice A Day

When Janice realized her son, Bjorn, was struggling with math, she did what any concerned parents in Singapore would have done:

Hire a private tutor and visit the bookstore to buy 3 more math practice assessment books.

My son gets frustrated with maths in school. He is very easily distracted, and cannot stay focused to read the textbook or practice papers.

 Janice, parent of Bjorn (Grade 3 student)

But getting Bjorn to do more hours of practice hardly worked.

He became more resentful towards math, and Janice ended up having to spend more time nagging at him.

Many parents like Janice are dealing with the challenges of teaching at home.

They are often time-strapped, having to deal with work deadlines and a torrent of obligations. Many Singaporean parents feel the same too.

Dealing with questions all day from my kid puts a lot of stress on me when I’m working remotely. My boss doesn’t have kids and just doesn’t get it.

Mei Lin, parent of Amelia (Grade 2 student)

When I teach my daughter at home, she doesn’t understand me at all. She always say that the way I teach is so different from her teachers.

 Vonny, parent of Gabriella (Grade 4 student)

I just wish there was a way I could schedule what my girl learns and have it keep her busy all day.

Vincent, parent of Satya (Grade 5 student)

Maths, in particular, is a subject that frustrates parents.

When children run into problems they can’t solve, they turn to their parents for help.

This has caused mums and dads a significant amount of time answering questions and guiding their children all day long.

But once in a while, you encounter what some people call “Super-mums.”

They seem to get everything right; juggling careers, supporting their child’s learning effortlessly , and living a life without any stress or worry. 

So how do Super-Mums juggle everything at once?

And more importantly, how can you be like them?

The answer? They work “smarter”, not “harder”. 

Working “smarter” meant using new ways to help children learn effectively without spending the whole day next to them, teaching or monitoring them.

Super-mums found that online tools gave their child extra support and guidance to understand and practise maths skills.

One such tool is KooBits, an e-learning platform to help children learn and love math.

Mums using KooBits have remarked how their children have started studying on their own.

These kids end up acing their tests too. Here’s what one super-mum had to say:

My daughter loves to use KooBits. She logs in by herself every morning and works through the problems on her own. She scored 87% on her last test, her highest grade ever!

KooBits comes with 100,000+ questions and is aligned with MOE’s maths syllabus,

But that’s not the reason why it’s so effective.

The secret lies with the animated tutorials inside KooBits:

E-learning platforms like KooBits recognise that children today – the Gen-Z – have grown up around addictive apps like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

However, our learning systems are still centered around textbooks, worksheets, and assessment papers. 

Compared to interactive apps, these are more boring and uninspiring for young learners.

Our children need more than that to be engaged, and there is an urgent need to upgrade our teaching methodology with similar interactive technology.

That’s why KooBits uses animations to supercharge students’ learning. 

These videos simplify complex concepts and make math more fun and rewarding. Whenever a child needs help, these animated explanations are easily accessible too. 

No wonder super-mums are able to “teach” their children while balancing their work and social life!

KooBits has mastered the formula to capture students’ attention and direct it towards an effective math learning experience.

And it’s also the reason why over 50% of MOE schools use KooBits, and why 200,000+ parents globally rely on us to give their children the best learning experience.

Now’s your chance to live the life of a Super-mum! 

Simply click the button below to learn more about KooBits, and how you can get started today with a 7-day trial:


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