Bring Maths To Life With 1000+ Animated Video Solutions

Maths doesn’t have to be abstract and difficult to understand.

With animated videos, students can learn in a fun and engaging way.

Take the Helen-Ivan coin question that appeared in Singapore’s 2021 PSLE maths paper as an example.

It stumped many students.

Even some adults found it challenging, let alone explaining the solution to their child.

But using a video, a similar concept can be clearly explained in under 10 minutes:

In KooBits, we have over 1000 of such video solutions covering all topics in the Primary 1 – 6 maths syllabus.

Each video targets a specific concept, so you can use it to fill learning gaps.

To watch them free for a week, sign up for a trial today:

Visual Learning Boosts Recall By 200%

By using colourful visuals and engaging animation, our videos do more explanation in less time.

This is a more efficient compared to traditional learning methods like reading textbooks.

Videos are much more memorable, boosting recall of key concepts and facts.

When it’s time to solve a new question, a student will be able to remember what was taught in a video, and use it to find their own solution.

In our videos, we help improve your child’s understanding through a 4-step process:

  1. U for Understanding – Walk the child through the problem, ensuring they know what the question is asking.
  2. M for Method – Choose a method to solve the problem.
  3. S for Solve – Once we’ve laid out the facts, it’s time to work out the answer.
  4. C for Check – Check to see if our answer makes sense! This helps avoid careless mistakes too.

This 4-step “secret sauce” makes our videos effective in helping kids at all levels to master complex concepts.

Weaker students watch the videos to improve their maths.

Top performers watch the videos to revise past topics.

Using psychology, gamification and advice from child educators, we’ve cracked the code to boost a child’s ability to learn, even with different levels of proficiency!

Here’s another example of an animated video:

To try these videos for free, click on the button below to sign up for a trial:

How To Use Animated Videos To Learn Maths

1) Introduce your child to new concepts in a fun and engaging way (it’s useful for parents to learn, too!)

2) Stuck on a question? Get a quick refresher with a video tutorial:

3) Learn holistically. Explore how to use maths to solve real life problems:

This is an example of KooClass, a feature that teaches kids concepts not taught in school.

With KooClass videos, kids can relate maths to their everyday life, and help them open their minds to absorb more information.

Research shows that when kids “prepare their minds” properly before learning, they can achieve as high as 70% retention of knowledge, compared to the usual 30%.

Ready to watch these videos for free?

Try our 7-day free trial and see why over 200,000 students are using KooBits videos to learn maths!

Don’t take our word for it, see what parents have to say:


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