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Dear parent,

Your child’s favourite math class, KooClass, is finally here!

KooClass is a series of interactive, animated classes to help children aged 6-12 years, learn about real-world applications of math topics taught in school.

There are over 100+ hours of lessons, with new classes released every week.

KooClass aims to re-engage students and offer a meaningful learning experience in their lives.

This brand-new feature is available only in Premium Plan.

If you’ve not upgraded, learn more about Premium features at koobits.com/math/beyond.

Why is KooClass important?

Well, the current shifts in the learning landscape have raised anxiety among students.

School leaders nationwide are confronting the stark reality that students aren’t facing just an academic crisis, but a psychological one.

As schools plan for the summer and upcoming school year, we need to pave a road to resilience for students to remain engaged with math.

The first step is to prime their minds for effective learning.

Singapore’s MOE calls this learning methodology “Readiness” in its problem-solving framework.

It works because once your child’s mind is “warmed up”, he/she will gain the confidence and momentum to practice math.

With KooClass, students will experience a fresh way to learn, away from the mundane and repetitive curriculum.

This is how we get them to be excited and eager to learn.

In each lesson, children can:

Watch an educational video taught by friendly and lovable characters

Get hands-on practice with an interactive segment (questions, assignments or activities for kids to do)


Unlock achievements after completing the lessons

These elements help to dispel math or school-related anxiety and offer an engaging outlet to learn.

KooClass replicates the best-of-class teaching by top educators.

A method that offers top-quality learning experience through online animated videos and interactive activities that appeal to today’s digital native generation.

Giving a child a laptop full of entertainment apps might amuse them for an hour.

But giving them the same laptop with KooClass will equip them with a productive tool that can make their learning 3 to 4 times more effective.

You can try KooClass with KooBits Premium. Learn more at koobits.com/math/beyond.

On top of KooClass, you’ll also get access to:

  • Higher Order Thinking Skills questions: Challenging questions to stretch your child’s mind, and sharpen critical thinking.
  • KooQuiz: Top school exam questions compiled in one convenient place for you.

That’s a lot of content to keep your child busy this month.

Learn more about these features at koobits.com/math/beyond!


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