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Master science exam techniques, score in open-ended questions and clarify common misconceptions.

Let our education consultant show you why you need KooBits Science:

Use our latest product to master P3-P6 Science syllabus:

  • Learn a step-by-step, structured process for tackling exam questions
  • Revise weaker concepts with animated video explanations
  • Save time and stress by letting your child learn independently

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What Makes KooBits Science Different?

KooBits Science engages your child to learn:

Master Exam Techniques

Is your child losing marks in exams because they did not use the right “keywords” and “keyphrases”?

Or perhaps they did not provide enough details in the answer to score full marks?

KooBits Science introduces a step-by-step, structured process for tackling all types of exam questions.

The result is your child writing answers that include all the right keywords, and matches what the teacher is looking for.

Identify & Understand Key Concepts

With just 2 hours a week of classroom time, teachers sometimes skip easier concepts to cover all the syllabus requirements. Students who can’t catch up will be lost in the sea of information.

That’s why KooBits Science focuses on helping students understand and master key science concepts. Our animated video explanations break down concepts in a clear and engaging format. 

Compared to black-and-white, static guidebooks, this method of learning is more visual, interactive and effective for a child.

Hassle-Free Experience for Parents

For many parents, revising science concepts they learned 20 years ago just to teach their children can be time-consuming and tiring.

With KooBits Science, you can let your child drive their own learning. Our detailed video explanations, practice questions and motivating rewards are designed for self-directed learning.

And, our content is all 100% aligned to Singapore’s MOE syllabus, so you can be sure that learning on KooBits will help your child with exams and assignments in school.

Built by the same team that developed KooBits Math

  • Used in over half of Singapore MOE schools
  • Enjoyed by over 200,000 students
  • Achieve a 30+% improvement in test scores each term
  • Maximum engagement: Kids log-in to practice on their own
  • Build consistent and healthy learning habits
  • Turn internet / TV time into productive learning time

What KooBits Science includes:

  • Aligned with MOE’s science curriculum
  • 200+ animated video explanations to boost understanding of key concepts
  • Well-designed questions with explanations to address common misconceptions
  • Fool-proof answering structure to tackle Free Response Questions
  • Robust question bank with 10,000+ questions & 120+ top school exam papers (equivalent to 200 assessment books)
  • Access to the full P3-P6 curriculum so your child can revise older topics, or prepare ahead.
  • Access fun and engaging KooClasses anytime, anywhere, without being limited by classroom time
  • Clarify common misconceptions through fun, bite-sized classes
  • Includes all of the most-loved features from KooBits Math – plus new and exciting updates to Brain Games, StoryScience, rewards and encouragement!

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